Our Favorite Modern Rock n Rollers of Instagram

What’s up, Rockers?  How are things in the virtual realm? The days are starting to run together, and we are ready to run to the hills!  This quarantine has us dreaming of better days and rock n roll nights. Cheers to that!!

Check out these truly influential rockers. Follow them, and take a peek into their rock n roll lifestyles. 

Here at BettyVonChic, we think fashion is everything, but these influencers possess talent and grit, and we are loving every minute of it.

Alice McMunn

Famous OG punk rocker Alice McMunn and her truly iconic look are a favorite of ours. She has been featured on T-shirts and skateboards, illustrated by artists and photographed for the covers of magazines and books. 

Check out the bodysuit and skirt she is rocking by Switchblade Stiletto!


CowbitchFromHell takes us back to the 80's with her raw and unapologetic style. She is a tattoo artist and a total badass.

Hayley Griffin

Groovy Baby Hayley stole our hearts with her amazing 60's and 70's inspired look. She organizes The Foxy Vinate Fair in NYC and is also part of the The Groovy Babies which is NYC’s Grooviest Go Go dance squad! One hundred percent babe

Laura Palmer of Screamin Rebel Angels

Screamin Rebel Angels lead singer Laura Palmer is a versatile multi-instrumentalist, song-writer, and producer. Her on-stage presence is amazing and her vocals are heavenly!

Sammi Jefcoate

Sammi Jefocate is a true inspiration with her edgy and sophisticated style. She knows who she is and expresses it  perfectly with her unique, versatile looks. No one does that better than Sammi Jefocate! 

Tuk Smith

Tuk Smith of Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts has been keeping us all sane here at BettyVonChic during this lockdown with his live performance videos. His fashion style is a little Mick Jagger and a little Johnny Thunders. We can't get enough!

Johnny Wator

Our hometown favorite and jack of all trades has rock n roll running through his veins! Johnny Wator is owner of Daredevil Pedals and front man of The Evictons. Check them out!

Mr. Rico Dejoie

The man behind Boss Hooligan Sound System and owner of Boss Vintage Shop in Kansas City, MO, Rico Dejoie is also a promoter and a well known touring DJ. Next time you're in Kansas City, MO, stop in his shop for an amazing selection of vinyl and apparel!

Penelope Fox

Mega babe Penelope Fox has the most infectious smile! Also, her retro style is a delight. She's David Bowie meets Marianne Faithful.

Do you like her look? We have similar faux leather pants available right here!


Emily Kratzer


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Love me two times ♥️

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This Honky Tonk Woman’s colorful and fun style is everything! Side note - her hair and make up is also everything! Check out her daily style posts.

Cherry Von Darling

A rockin' babe who is a heavy metal enthusiast and has an eye for fashion from Fred Perry to Adidas. She's always killing it. By the way, her favorite band is SLAYER! Who wouldn't love her?



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