Midwest USA Business

🌟 Betty has been Awarded in the Midwest USA Business Awards 2023 🌟

New World Report Announces the Winners of this year’s Midwest USA Business Awards and BettyVonChic is on the list for best vintage clothing brand in 2023! 🌟 This award aims to recognize and celebrate those altering their industries. Betty VonChic is proud and honored to be recognized by such an outstanding organization. 

Check out this official press release from The New World: https://www.thenewworldreport.com/new-world-report-announces-the-winners-of-this-years-midwest-usa-business-awards/

Check out this year's directory of awards:  https://www.thenewworldreport.com/winners-list/?award=13286-2023

Check out this link about the Midwest USA Business Awards: https://www.thenewworldreport.com/awards/midwest-usa-business-awards/

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