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  1. Casper x Unique Vintage Spiderwebs & Ghosts Rachel Swing Dress
  2. Rust Orange Corduroy Trixie Jumpsuit
  3. Universal Monsters x Unique Vintage Dracula Portrait Draculette Swing Dress
  4. Black & Red Peacock Feather Burton Caftan Dress
  5. Unique Vintage Black & Pink Flamingo Print Ohara Swing Dress
  6. Theresa - Urban Tropical Original Green and Black
  7. Mariya - Urban Tropical Original Green and Black floral
  8. CiCi- Urban Tropical Original Aqua
  9. Breena -Urban Tropical Original Deep Blue Set
  10. KK - Urban Tropical Original Red Set
  11. Francis- Urban Tropical Original in Coral Floral
  12. Lisa -Urban Tropical Original Set in Ivory