Collection: BettyVonChic Urban Tropical Originals

BettyVonChic Clothing's Urban Tropical Collections, embodying our core values of sustainability, small-batch craftsmanship, luxury fashion, and vintage-inspired elegance. Elevate your style with sets meticulously crafted from authentic VINTAGE materials and 100% Cotton, designed with an adjustable sarong for the perfect fit and functionality. Embrace the essence of true luxury and responsible fashion.


⭐️ Crafted from genuine vintage fabric

⭐️ Limited Quantities, Limited Edition - Embracing the charm of small-batch craftsmanship

⭐️ Sustainable Fashion/Slow Fashion - Reflecting our commitment to eco-conscious choices

⭐️ Designed and meticulously produced in Chicago, IL, USA - A testament to our dedication to luxury fashion with a timeless touch.