Chicago based clothing brand debuts new line to cater to women of all sizes

Chicago based clothing brand debuts new line to cater to women of all sizes

Mary Martin started BettyVonChic from her Chicago home in 2018 as a creative release from her career in the cybersecurity industry. As the company evolved, a focus on designing her own clothing took hold, and with some inspiration from a dear friend and mentor, Francis, born in Chicago in 1918, the company's Urban Tropical line began to blossom.

Like the centenarian herself, the line was born and raised in a vibrant Chicago neighborhood and embraces the individuality, strength and beauty of the women of Chicago past and present. Everything from the fabric to the production, to the inspiration and the designer is Chicago-made in a time when fast fashion has overtaken the industry.

The Urban Tropical line features eight different vintage prints which are limited edition. The bright, festive designs on the completely adjustable sarong sets compliment any shape or size creating a fun and glamorous look for Summer 2021 and beyond.

"I didn't know exactly what my first line would be especially coming out of the pandemic, but once I saw these vivid prints on true vintage fabrics, I knew I had to create a summer collection wrap skirt set that would be chic and still functional, exactly what every woman needs in her wardrobe," Mary commented.

She also notes that each of the eight sets in unique print is named for a woman who embodies the qualities important to BettyVonChic's mission of strength, positivity, and femininity through fashion.


The Urban Tropical line is now available at The company ships worldwide. Each set includes an adjustable wrap skirt and a matching top for $110.


About BettyVonChic

BettyVonChic's new Urban Tropical line is entirely designed, produced, and marketed in the city of Chicago. This line is sustainably produced using limited edition, vintage fabrics and is made for people of all sizes and ages. The "Francis" design is named for a special Chicagoan who lived her entire 100 years in the same home on Chicago's Northwest side, was a fashionista in her own right, and who inspired BettyVonChic's mission to use fashion and positivity to empower women of all ages.

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